Vastu Shastra Wall Clock Direction- Right Direction And Position Of Wall Clock To Bring Prosperity

Time is the most important aspect of our lives, as we not only have a limited amount of time in our lives, but we also go about our lives trying to make the most out of it. In need of staying on top of our time needs, we developed clocks. Even though clocks were not a part of our daily lives back in ancient times, there were still timekeeping methods that were used to tell what time of the day it was.

From there, the importance of timekeeping devices came into Vastu Shastra. And while it is true that we don’t really pay much attention to Vastu when it comes to Wall Clocks because we want them somewhere we can easily spot them; it is really important to follow the guidelines of Vastu. Not only will that help in the balance of energies, but it will also ensure that ‘time’ also stays in your favour throughout your journey.

Wall Clock Vastu Direction

Wall Clock Vastu: Dos and Don’ts of Wall Clock Position and Direction

Dos of Wall Clock Vastu:

  • The best position for wall clocks to be placed is on the North or East Walls. North is more favourable as it is said to attract wealth.
  • West is also a favourable option for keeping the wall clock, but should only be used as a last resort.
  • For the east side of the house, the old fashioned pendulum style wall clocks work the best as they are considered auspicious.
  • It is a good habit to look at the time right after you wake up. So it will be a really great thing to do if you can place a wall clock in your room in such a way that it is the first thing you see after waking up. Since sleeping with your head in the south direction is advised, the most favourable position for the clock will be the North Wall.
  • Clocks should always only be hanged inside the house.
  • Repair your Non-working clocks. If you can’t, replace them.
  • Keeping the clocks on the correct time, or a couple of minutes ahead of the correct time is considered favourable to the resident of the house.
  • Most importantly, keep the wall clocks clean at all times.

Don’ts of Wall Clock Vastu

  • South walls should always be avoided when it comes to placing wall clocks.
  • Clocks hanging above doors are a big no.
  • Any clock should not be facing the door to a bedroom.
  • Clocks outside the house are not a good sign as you don’t want people to interfere with your time.
  • Broken or stopped clocks should not be kept in the house as they are known to bring bad luck and misfortunes.
  • Clocks should not be allowed to stay behind the actual time as that brings negative energies in the house.
  • Broken glass on the wall clock is also a big no.
  • Wall clocks with depictions of Wars, loneliness, sadness, or just about any negative energy must always be avoided.
  • Much like with mirrors, a wall clock in the room that reflects the image of the bed that you sleep must be avoided.

No matter what you are doing in your life, time is always of the essence. Which is why it is important that you keep time in your favour at all times.

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