International Girl Child Day 2020- Most Powerful Save Girl Child Quotes and Slogans

A Girl child are as equal part of society as boy child are. They are actually a strong pillar of the society and without them Humanity can’t be even imagined. But still there many places in the world where girls are not being treated well from many years. In most of the countries in the world Male dominated society have taken place. But now-a-days, many steps from round the world are being taken to save the Girl child. In this series, to make people aware Many countries celebrate the World Girl Child Day every October 11. On other hand India also celebrates the national Girl Child Day every January 24 for the same cause.

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Here we are sharing some of the heartwarming quotes/thoughts about Girl Child safety that can shake your mind to think and act.

“A Daughter is one of the Most Beautiful gifts this world has to give.”

a daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give

“She makes the world bright, but still struggles to see light.”

“Girls are pearls, ladies are rubies, mothers are moulders, and women are wonderful.”
Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

“Daughters are flowers that are forever in bloom.”

“लड़की से ही वंश आगे बढ़ता है।”
Men do not deliver, Challenge this!!”

“Every man needs a mother, wife, sister then why not a daughter?”

“A baby girl is one of the god’s most precious gifts.”

Save Girl Child “Think a World without Us.”

Save Girl Child Quotes

“Save girl child – Save future mother – Save future sister – Save future wife.”

“Man thinks he is a “HERO” but if he kills “HER” he’ll just remain a “O”.”

“Don’t let a girl part from a mothers hold, they are worth way more than gold.”

“A girl is whole by all means, not a toy by any means, Underneath her hair and make-up there is sign that says: handle with care.”

“A baby girl is a giggle wrapped in the warmth of sunshine.”

“There is no better feeling than watching your baby girl break into laughter.”

“When You Educate a Girl, You Educate a Nation.”

When You Educate a Girl, You Educate a Nation.

“The excitement on the face of your baby girl is certainly the most exhilarating part of parenthood.”

Should mother, should sister, should wife – then why shouldn’t daughter?

“Education cannot wait, because if girls don’t have access to education, really bad things happen to them.”

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Slogan in Hindi

इतनी खुशियां लायेंगी की समेट नहीं पाओगे, लेकिन ये तब ही होगा न जब तुम बेटियों को बचाओगे।

जीवन, शिक्षा एवं प्यार, बेटियों का भी है अधिकार।

बेटा तो फिर भी छोड़ जायेगा, पर बेटी तब तक देगी साथ जब तक प्रलय नहीं आएगा।

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  • August 17, 2020 at 9:30 am

    Girls are the Heartbeat of life
    Without It, Nothing Is!


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