21 Rarest Historical Photos of India Ever Captured on Camera During Early 20th Century

India is among the oldest civilizations in the world with an very dynamic and influential culture. Indian history consists so much from dynasties and politics, invasions, King-Era, Wars, conquests, British Rules (British raj) and finally the Modern India. Most importantly Indian culture which is considered the most influential and diverse cultures in the world history. Every corner of this amazing country has a different story and culture.

Rare Historical Photos of India During Early 20th Century-

1. Dilwara Jain Temple- Mount AbuDilwara Jain Temple in 1900 Mount Abu

2. A man and his small Ox-Cart- Calcutta (Now Kolkata)
Historical photos of India- man with Small Ox-Cart

3. Rock-Hewn Temple of ElephantaRare Historical photos of india Rock-Hewn Temple of Elephanta

4. Man Diving from the top of a 50 ft tower into a tank below — Fatehpur Sikrirare Historical photos of India- Man Diving-Cart

5. State barge of the Maharaja of Kashmir — SrinagarState barge of the Maharaja of Kashmir — Srinagar

6. A Busy Street In DelhiOld Historical Photos of Delhi India

7. A Sadhu Meditating under the Hot SunHistorical photos of India- A Sadhu Meditating under the Hot Sun

8. People Crossing Jhelum River By a Bridge of three Ropes

Historical photos of India- Jhelum River

9. Palace of Man Singh- GwaliorHistorical photos of India- Palace of Man Singh

10. Hindu Pilgrims Bathing in Sacred Well of Lord Vishnu Temple Historical photos of India

11.Entrance to Akbar’s Tomb at Sikandara — Agra Historical photos of India-Akbar’s Tomb at Sikandara

12.Worshipers at Dilwara Jain Temple — Mount AbuHistorical photos of India- Dilwara Jain Temple

13. The Taj Mahal Reflected in the Yamuna — AgraHistorical photos of Taj Mahal India

14. Hindu Bride and Bridegroom — MumbaiRare Historical photos of India

15. Hindu Sadhus On the banks of the Ganga — Banaras (Now Varanasi)Historical photos of India- Ganga Ghaat

16. Inflating bullock-skin boats to cross the river — Banks of the SutlejHistorical photos of India 18th Centurey

17. Golden Temple — AmritsarHistorical photos of India- Golden Temple in 1900

18. Parsi headmaster and his students — Uran, Navi MumbaiHistorical photos of India- A Parsi Headmaster with his students

19. State barge of the Maharaja of Kashmir — SrinagarHistorical photos of India- State Barge of Maharaja of kashmir

20. Naldehra — ShimlaHistorical photos of India- Naldehra- Shimla

21. Jama Masjid — DelhiHistorical photos of India- Jama Masjid Delhi

Image Source: All Images are from Imgur.com

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