6 Organic Foods & Its Benefits Listed by Nutritionist for Good Dental Health

Our mouth’s very important part is our teeth. So, we do care our teeth a lot by using a mouthwash, tongue scraping, flossing and brushing the teeth. However, some diseases that are most prevalent are gum disease and tooth decay. But how do they occur? Your fridge may be its answer. Sometimes, your diet makes you go to a dentist frequently. In spite of having very good oral hygiene, keeping the teeth healthy can be very difficult. So, it becomes necessary for you to have a close eye on the foods that you eat. For our oral health, the villain is the food most of the time. The problems in our teeth are mostly because of the drinks and food that contain acids and sugars.

Now your oral health can get a boost by eating a number of foods. These foods can whiten your teeth, give you a fresh breath and can prevent periodontal disease and cavities. Most of these foods taste good also.

Best Food and Their Benefits for Healthy Teeth and Gums

In what manner the foods help in keeping the gums and teeth healthy?

For proper functioning of the gums and teeth, the nutritious food plays a very good role. In order to keep the gums and teeth healthy some crucial elements are:

Phosphorus and calcium rich foods

Basically, minerals are present in tooth enamel. Now the tooth enamel can erose because of the drinks and foods that contain acids. For restoring it you need to take minerals back so as to increase the strength of the teeth. Phosphorus and calcium are the heroes here. For building enamel, these elements play a good role.

  • Broth, tofu, eggs, red meat, Brazil nuts, fish and pumpkin seeds are very good sources of phosphorus.
  • Almonds, tofu, low-fat milk, seafood, cheese and yogurt and very good sources of calcium.

Foods that contain a lot of water and are crunchy and firm

It will be beneficial for your teeth to eat high water containing foods that are crunchy and hard also. More saliva secretes because of chewing crunchy and hard food. This saliva acts as a protective shield against cavities causing bacteria. These foods clean the surfaces of teeth after gentle scrubbing because of their naturally abrasive texture. This activity removes the food particles and the plaque. Normally vegetables and fruits that are raw contain so much water. Its examples are carrots, cucumber, apples and celery.

Vitamin D rich foods

In order to keep the overall health of your teeth fit, vitamin D is very important. For better absorption of calcium, vitamin D helps a lot. Cod liver oil, egg yolks, fish and sunlight are vitamin D’s very good sources.

Vitamin C rich foods

For reducing inflammation and strengthening blood vessels, vitamin C plays a major role. It keeps your gums healthy. For fighting against periodontal disease, a protein known as collagen is produced by vitamin C. kale, broccoli, strawberries, kiwi, oranges and bell peppers are very good sources of vitamin C.

Vitamin C Rich Foods for Teeth

Some best foods for keeping your gums and teeth healthy

1. Cheese – A calcium rich food is cheddar. Your mouth’s acid level can reduce if you will eat cheese. More saliva will be produced in your mouth if you will chew hard cheese and this saliva will remove the mouth’s bacteria.

2. Milk – For your teeth, the best drinks are milk and water. Milk is a calcium rich food. Your mouth’s acid levels can be lowered if you will drink milk. Thus, it prevents tooth decay.

3. Leafy greens – So many minerals, vitamins, folic acid and calcium are present in leafy greens and these are very healthy for your gums and teeth. Kale, broccoli and spinach are its examples.

4. Fish – Fish is a very good source of vitamin D and a lot of minerals. Tuna, wild salmon and fatty fishes are its examples.

5. Meat – In order to keep your oral health very good, eat meat. Most of the nutrients are present in meat. There are a large number of benefits of organ meats and red meat.

6. Green and black tea – For keeping the teeth healthy, fluorides are very important and these are present in tea. But always take unsweetened tea because sugar is not good for your teeth.

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