10 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety in 5 Minutes

Now a days Stress and Anxiety have become a very common experience for most of the people, specially in youth. Stress and Anxiety may make negative effects on a person’s life in many ways. Weather it’s your educational life, your professional life, your social life or personal life, stress always marks negativity in your life.

Sometimes your stress may cause anger, loneliness, nervousness and worry but things actually should not be like that. Your reaction towards your stress can help you in calming yourself down. So, here we are sharing some easy tips on How to get stress free in just five minutes. Although changing your personal reaction to stress in all situations is not as easy to do, but these Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety can definitely give you quick help in your stress.

How To Reduce Stress and Anxiety Quickly

  • Laugh- Laughter releases endorphins which actually helps in improving your mood and reduces the levels of hormones that causes stress. It can also improve your immune system.
  • Take a Deep Breath- Another simple way of releasing stress is taking a deep breath. It actually helps in slowing your heart rate and allows you to feel more relaxed and peaceful.     
  • Talk to Your Mother- Calling your Mom as definitely a nice to get stress free quickly. According to a study, people who chatted with mom reduced a key stress hormone and also released oxytocin.
  • Eat Dark Chocolate- Dark Chocolates are considered great antioxidant. Eating dark chocolates help you in reducing the stress level and improving your mood quickly.
Health benefits of dark chocolate for stress relief
  • Listen Music- Listing soft music can be a great stress buster. Any music that you love can work for you but you can try the classical, Indian music or even Nature sounds too.
  • Watch a Funny Video- To become stress free quickly, watching a funny video is also a great idea. Just search for some funny videos and you will realize an instant relief in your stress and Anxiety. I personally watch funny videos of kids whenever I feel stressed or worried. You can try this too.
  • Hug or Kiss your loved one. When you hug or kiss someone, oxytocin is released. It is directly associated with higher levels of pleasure and lower levels of stress. So, you don’t need to feel weird to ask your loved one for a hug when you need it most.
  • Take a Walk- Sometimes its good to go for a walk instead of sitting on your chair and keep thinking about the things that causing stress for you. For this, you don’t need go to a park or somewhere else. You can just start walking in your room or balcony or Lobby. Just make sure you leave your negative thoughts on your chair.
  • Count Numbers- When you count numbers, you give your mind something neutral to think about. By counting numbers, you can force your mind to get out of its negative spiral. For this you can either count backword (like 100,99,98,97…) or you can also count objects around you like tiles, papers of book etc.
  • Meditate- From many studies Meditation is being proven best tactic to relieve stress or reduce the areas of anxiety, chronic pain and depression.You can just Close your eyes and repeat some calming words or Mantra like, Gaytri mantra, Namokar mantra.

We all face stress and anxiety our workplace and personal life, which affects our productivity, our behavior, our abilities in negative way. But there also such simple ways that can help you in reducing the pressure you feel. Just try these simple tips and you will realize improved balance in your overall work and personal life.

Hritu Jain

Hritu Jain is a motivational blogger and a proud mother who believes that everyone has the power to achieve their dreams. She started her blog, "Wisdomword.in" in 2019 to share her own journey of overcoming adversity and finding success.

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