How to Be Always happy in Life- 8 Life hacks to be Happy and Healthy

How to be happy in Life? This is the question that we all want to get answered just to make our difficult time easy.  When we are going through hard time, we may find thousands of reasons to be Unhappy and depressed.   It’s actually human nature that sometimes we feel that everything is against us when we are unhappy. But this doesn’t means that it happens all the time and with everyone. There are many people who find something good in every bad situation or hard time. We all have the power to make some small changes in our lifestyle, our behavior, our relationships or even our surroundings. These small changes can help us to be happy in our hard time.

Here we are going to share some small changes in your life that can help you not just being happy but will also help you in getting a healthier and productive life style.   

How to Be happy in Life- Easy Life Hacks for happiness-

1. Keep a Smile on Your face: –

People, who smile more often regardless of their mood, are more happier and healthier. But that doesn’t means you need to keep a Fake smile on your face all the time. All you need to do is Smile when you meet people, even when you meet strangers. Smiling releases endorphins, which help you, feel happier and more positive.

2. Do Exercise Regularly:

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Doing regular exercise not just makes you healthier but also helps you in reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. Even if you start with some small physical activities like going for a Walk after dinner, doing some Yoga in Morning or even a 5 minute stretching.  This will also help you in keeping yourself active and positive all the day.

3. Eat Healthy: –

Getting your favorite dinner after a long tired day or getting your favorite food as your breakfast can help you to make your mood. There some certain Foods that are believed to encourage a healthy gut include fermented and probiotic foods, and some plant-based foods. But make sure that the food you choose to make you happy is healthier as well. Choosing the wrong food as a dose of your happiness may just fill your stomach not your moods requirements.

4. Meet Your Buddy-

 “Happiness is, having a friend who can always put a smile on your face”
Meeting your best buddies on a regular basis can boost your happiness and reduce your stress.  As per the recent researches daily social support from friends is a key factor in feeling optimistic and happier. This, in turn, increases our satisfaction with life and also lowers our risk of falling into depression. So, just make it a part of your lifestyle to meet your best buddies more often, instead of just sending them forwarded messages on WhatsApp, Facebook or InstaGram. 

5. Time Management

Time management is something, which should be a part of our life.When you manage your time properly it helps you to improve work-life balance and reduces your stress. When you have proper work life balance and

6. Get a proper Sleep-

As said “A Good laugh and a long sleep are the two bets things to cure anything”. When we don’t get enough sleep, we’re more likely to feel stressed and tired. This impacts your overall health and also affects your happiness. So, just get enough sleep on daily basis and give yourself a reason to spend your day happily.

7. Avoid Overthinking-

Reasons of Unhappiness Overthinking Quotes

Some people don’t give their mind a proper rest due their overthinking about everything. Be it their past or their future, they sometimes forgets to live their present. So, start learning from your past instead of regretting about what you could or should have done. Similarly, stop worrying too much about your future, instead just enjoy your present and keep learning lessons from life to achieve your goals.

8. Stop Comparing and Start Competing-

There are two things, one is comparing yourself with others and second one is competing with others. Both things may sound same but both have major differences in terms of Intent. When you compete with others, you try to improve your skills and keep your focus on your goals. But when you compare with others, you actually downgrade your skills and capabilities. Comparing yourself with other brings insecurities and lake of focus on goals. This ultimately increases stress and you start loosing your happiness with other things too.

9. Mediate-

Quotes About Meditation and Happiness

It has been often proven that Meditation is one of the most effective way to live a happier life as literally clears your mind and calms you down. Studies show that in the minutes right after meditating, we experience feelings of calm and contentment, as well as heightened awareness and empathy. And, research even shows that regular meditation can permanently rewire the brain to raise levels of happiness.

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