Important Dates in December Month- Upcoming Days, Events and Festivals in December 2022

Important Days, Dates and Festivals in December 2022– December is the 12th and last month of an year, as per the English calendar. Just like other months There are many important national, International days and festivals that fall in December. 

Festivals like Christmas Day, Near Eve falls in December month. Some other important days that are celebrated to commemorate some notable historical events or some are to raise awareness about a particular topic also fall under this month. Here we have prepared a complete list of important days, events and festivals in December month that are celebrated in India and worldwide.

List of Important Days and Dates in December 2022:

1st December 2022World AIDS Day
2nd December 2022National Pollution Control Day,
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery,
World Computer Literacy Day
3rd December 2022World Day of the Handicapped or International Day of Persons with Disabilities
4th December 2022Indian Navy Day
5th December 2022International Volunteer Day for economic and social development,
World Soil Day
6th December 2022BR Ambedkar’s death anniversary,
National Microwave Oven Day
7th December 2022Armed Forces Flag Day,
International Civil Aviation Day
9th December 2022International Anti-Corruption Day
10th December 2022Human Rights Day,
Death Anniversary of Alfred Nobel
11th December 2022UNICEF Foundation Day,
International Mountain Day
12th December 2022Universal Health Coverage Day
14th December 2022National Energy Conservation Day
18th December 2022Minorities Rights Day in India,
International Migrants Day
19th December 2022Goa’s Liberation Day
20th December 2022International Human Solidarity Day
22nd December 2022National Mathematics Day
23rd December 2022Kisan Diwas (Farmer’s Day)
24th December 2022National Consumer Rights Day
25th December 2022Christmas Day
Good Governance Day (India)
31st December 2022New Year’s Eve

List of Important Festivals in December 2022:

3rd December 2022Mokshada Ekadashi
4th December 2022Hanuman Jayanti (Kannada) (Mostly Popular as Hanuman Vratam)
Pradosh Vrat
23rd December 2022Hanuman Jayanti (Tamil)
25th December 2022Christmas Day
29th December 2022Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti (as per the julian calendar)
31st December 2022New Year’s Eve
Please let us know if we have missed any important event of December month in the comment section.

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