Covid-19 Outbreak- 8 Productive Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

As the world is facing Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Outbreak, most of the countries have imposed the partial or Fully locked down to control the spreading of the deadly disease. As of now more than 4 lacs people have been affected due to COVID-19 and caused more than 18K deaths. Indian Prime Minister MR. Narendra Modi announced for 21 days Locked down in whole country in attempt to limit the Corona virus spreading, which has caused 536 infection cases and 11 deaths. So, to keep the citizens safe and healthy this locked down was the need of the time. More than 1.3 billion citizens will be locked down in home. To support the country and government as a citizen we all can play an important part by just staying at Home. To make your quarantine period bit interesting and productive we are sharing some tips that can help you in doing some interesting things and pass your time.

  • Reading Books- I know for most of the people this seems to a very old idea, but seriously this can be a very productive pass time for you during this Quarantine period. In our so much busy schedule people don’t get much time, and the time they get, they sped on Mobile phones. But now is the time when you can spend some hours in reading some amazing books of any genre you like most.
Productive Things You Can Do During Quarantine
  • Start Working on your Health: For all the people who blame their busy schedule for not being able to focus on their health, this is the perfect time to take some action. Starting some exercise, doing yoga, eating healthy can be the best Productive Things You Can Do During Quarantine in Covid-19. Make a schedule for your workout and start doing things that you can do easily at your home.
  • Give Time to Family- Instead of sticking with the phone and TV, you can also start spending some quality time with your family. Eat together, laugh together, play together and you will realize, how much important things you have missed in your life so far because of your busy schedule.
  • Start a New Hobby- During this Quarantine you can also look for some new hobby or something that you might be thinking about from years but couldn’t do. From dancing, singing, drawing there can be hundred of things you can do without by staying just at your home.
  • Try Your hand on Cooking– If you already know cooking than its time to try some new dishes and make your family member just WoW! In case cooking was not your cup of tea earlier, you can simply start cooking with some simple dishes (except making instant noodles).
  • Take Care of you Green Friends- Since you have much time during Quarantine, you should start taking care of Plants in your garden/house. This can be a great action from your side if you start planting and taking care of them as plants will never take anything from you, they just give.
  • Lost in the Old Memories- This quarantine period is giving you a chance to Miss some Old and sweet memories. Check for some old family albums, wedding albums, some stuffs from your childhood. Trust me this will really give you a great satisfaction.
Productive Things You Can Do During Quarantine Covid-19
  • Watch your Favorite Movie/ Season- This is the perfect time to watch all the movies you missed to watch in recent time. You can also start some amazing seasons/we series like Sacred games, The family man, Breath etc. If you love to watch Hollywood stuffs, there is definitely a never-ending list to watch.

So, try all these things or any other that you love to Do. But just keep yourself, your Family and the society safe by staying at home. Don’t go out until or unless it is Dam urgent. Stay home and Stay Safe !

Hritu Jain

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