7 Simple Ways to Be More Active All Day at Office

“I don’t get much time for workout” is probably the most common excuse when some suggest you to do some workout. Most of the times, this leads to highly in-activeness for the whole day. But here, we are sharing some simple and easy ways by which you can be more active and energetic all day. These simple tips on How to be more Active all Day can be very helpful for the people who does regular sitting jobs. Usually people who do 9-10 hours regular sitting jobs faces the health problems like back & spine injuries, low energy expenditure etc.

But by doing these simple Activities while doing your job, you can avoid such health problems. You will also start filling more active and energetic if you follow them on regular basis.

How To Be More Active All Day at Office

  • Try to Have standing or Walking Meetings- Meetings are the part of our jobs. Some meetings stretches for long hours and some just get wrapped up in minutes. Here, these meetings that doesn’t stretches long, give you opportunities to do something helpful for your body. You can do your short meetings by standing or by doing some walk. This can be a perfect way to increase the efficiency of you and your team. Also making sure things don’t stretches unnecessarily and will save your time. Last but not the least, you get a chance of getting out of your chair.
  • Take a Power nap- A short power nap can really help you in becoming more fresh, energetic and active. Just make sure, you don’t take it too much else your boss may show his power to you. :P.
benefits of Power Nap At Office
  • Body Stretching- Doing stretching in office can make you feel weird. But at least you can do some small stretches without moving from your desk like, shoulder raises, leg raising and neck stretching. So,Keep stretching your body at your desk in regular intervals and also correct your siting posture. This will really help you in keeping yourself more active all day.


  • Take Stairs- Whenever you have time try to avoid taking lift and take the stairs instead. It’s actually not that much difficult than it seems. All you have to do is make it a habit. For a good start, you can aim to take stairs at-least once in a day until it doesn’t become your habit.
  • Comfortable Dressing- For a comfortable work environment, a comfortable dressing is very important. When it comes to office, you don’t need to run behind fashion always. To be more active, comfortable and energetic, you should wear only comfortable clothes including shoes. Even if you have dress code in office, try to get them customized according to your comfort.
  • Sometime Walk, instead of Messaging or emailing- Whenever possible, try to get up from your seat and have chat with your colleague, instead of sending a message of a messenger or emailing. These things might look weird but it gives you an ultimate opportunity to take some extra steps during your work.
  • Utilize your Lunch Time- After having your lunch, don’t just sit on your desk or in cafeteria and spend the remaining lunch time. Instead you should go outside for a walk and to get your blood pumping even more, you should also jog up.

Being active in office is actually not that much difficult. All you have to do is, making small changes in your habits. So, just go for these things and start your day at office more actively and energetically.

Hritu Jain

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